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Poster Contest


The Oakland Asian Cultural Center (OACC) presents a poster design contest to represent the 12th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration (AHSC).


  • The prize-winning poster may be used as part of the AHSC Community Outreach campaign, including posters, postcards, Muni bus ads, BART banners, bus shelters, newspaper ads, TV ads, SFUSD school awards, and others.
  • The winning poster will be reproduced and distributed as the official 2016 12th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration poster, and featured on this website. The winning designer will receive a cash prize of $500.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, February 5th, 2016.


  • Communicate a motivating message celebrating Asian Pacific American heritage.
  • Graphically eye-catching.
  • Visualization of the dynamic and multifaceted nature of Asian Pacific America today.
  • If possible, include reference to the fact that this will be the twelfth annual event (e.g. the 2007 winner used the body of the dragon for “3”, the 2008 winner used a fist for “4”, and the 2009 winner used the branch for the “5” etc).
  • Click here to see all past posters. This year’s poster should generate similar excitement, but represent a new year and a new celebration!
  • Each entry must include the artist’s name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Please submit original work only.
  • Signed release forms are required for copyrighted images or materials. Release forms are also needed for “subjects”, whether public or private citizens.
  • Artists may submit multiple poster entries.
  • When creating your poster, please remember that the winning poster will be reproduced and distributed in various media and formats (print, TV, internet, t-shirts, etc.). The winning artist will be responsible for reformatting the design.


  • Poster should be no larger than 11″ x 17″. The poster must include the words “12th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration” and the AHSC website address,
  • The winner will be asked for additional materials, including a high-resolution JPG file. Computer-generated poster winners will be asked to send a disk or CD of all poster native files and linked images. All fonts should be converted to outline fonts.

Announcement of Winner

The winning poster will be selected and announced at a later date. The Oakland Asian Cultural Center reserves the right to alter the final poster design, or to reject all submissions for the final poster design. Prize will be awarded even if no design is accepted for the poster. No entries will be returned, so please save and backup all of your files.